Postmortem: Busy Hell Tycoon

Project Insights

This is a blog post supplementing the project Busy Hell Tycoon showcased as part of my portfolio. If you wanted to instead look at the project itself, you can find that here.


Ludum Dare 44 was coming up and me and my friends wanted to participate. We had already decided on a team of four for it, however one of our team members were only going to work part time. Due to the scale of Ludum Dare, we were looking forward to it for a long time, but the four of us had never worked together on a game together before. Despite that, it went fairly well!

Design Choices

The jam’s theme was “Your life is currency”. We brainstormed ideas individually, and the ones we ended up liking were a game where you were a mage who traded their own life to be able to cast spells and a kind of management game where you had to balance your life with currency. We decided to go with the latter since it was more liked by the majority of the team.

The game was decided to be a 2D building management one and the theme was decided to be along the lines of signing a pact to give your life for currency. The development process went smoothly even though I was feeling the pressure of developing a game for Ludum Dare all throughout the jam.

The idea for an online leaderboad came because I realised that I had seen an online leaderboard plugin for Unity a while ago, and that we could use it to give the players more incentive to replay the game to get a higher score.

What I learnt

I was the only one in the team who didn’t vote for the building management idea as my favourite one, so I wasn’t quite interested in the idea at first. But as we started the development, I learnt to love the product I was making since I just enjoyed developing games. I also realised that if I didn’t love the games I was making, they wouldn’t be as good since I wouldn’t be invested in the development process so much and wouldnt give it my all.

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