Postmortem: Car Parkour

Project Insights

This is a blog post supplementing the project Car Parkour showcased as part of my portfolio. If you wanted to instead look at the project itself, you can find that here.


Again, due to my passion for cars, I wanted to make a game with cars in it. A friend of mine wanted to make a game with Rocket League-like mechanics. Hence, we decided to make a parkour game with cars in them. We used the Racing Kit by Kenney for this game as both of us wanted to focus on programming. Summer holidays had also arrived and we both wanted to make a game before we left for our respective homes.

Design Choices

The game is basically what was said above, a parkour game with cars and Rocket League-like mechanics. However, we wanted to add another element to the game, and as my friend was focusing on the core mechanics, I decided to implement multiplayer.

This was my first time setting up multiplayer from scratch in Unity, as there had been somebody else who had done it during my previous multiplayer projects. We ended up having both a multiplayer and a singleplayer mode, allowing the player to choose between either.

Overall, we were satisfied with what we had created. I had successfully implemented multiplayer, which I was quite proud of!

What I learnt

Implementing multiplayer was a new experience that was very much looking forward to since I love playing multiplayer games with friends. I learnt the basics of networking and why some functionalities work/dont work.

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