Postmortem: Kind Companion

Project Insights

This is a blog post supplementing the project Kind Companion showcased as part of my portfolio. If you wanted to instead look at the project itself, you can find that here.


As part of my Masters degree, I had to do an intern, working for atleast 250 hours having some proof-of-work at the end. I wanted to work on a project related to mental health as I had been interested in the field for quite some time. With the guidance of one of my professors, I decided to make an Android app focusing on helping people deal with anxiety. As soon as I started out, I knew that I wanted to make this an app worth releasing on to the Play Store. However, having never worked on an Android app before, I understood the challenge and made sure to get accquainted with the basics before I delved into development.

Design Choices and What I learnt

I will be writing a 3000-word report on my internship for my University. I will take some parts from that report and put them here when I’m done.

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