Postmortem: Phantom Chess

Project Insights

This is a blog post supplementing the project Phantom Chess showcased as part of my portfolio. If you wanted to instead look at the project itself, you can find that here.


As with other game jams I participated in, I wanted to work with as many of my friends as possible. And since I had never developed alone with this one friend of mine, we decided to make a game together. Geta Game Jam 8 was coming up and we decided to participate in it.

Design Choices

The theme of the jam was “Dreams and Nightmares”. Since the Auto-Chess genre was starting to get popular around the time, we decided to try our hand at making an Auto-Chess game. However, we knew that making a full-fledged multiplayer game was out of our scope since we did not have the time or experience for it. We decided to implement the basic functionality of an auto-chess game (buying/selling units, combining units, progressing levels, etc) and we’d go from there depending on how much time we had left for the jam.

For the theme, we decided to have two kinds of units, ones belonging to the “dreams” side, with units such as a priest or an angel. And the “nightmare” side having their counterparts such as a “shadow being” or a “dark priest”. We managed to get the core auto-chess functionality developed and decided to spend the rest of the time polishing what we already had and balacing the difficulty of the levels.

Overall, I was happy with what we created and it remains one of my favourite games that I’ve developed.

What I learnt

My teammate during this project was one of the people I had troubles working before. However, I learnt to put those issues behind and approach this project with a clear and open mind. And it worked very well! We had a fun time and as a result the game developed at the end was well polished and was a product we were happy with. This was also the first isometric 3D game I had ever worked on, and learning to work in such an environment was also a good experience.

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