Robo Chase

Robo Chase is a local two-player retro platformer, with one player playing as a cop chasing to catch the other player playing as a robot, while avoiding a wall of laser coming at them, among other obstacles and traps. It’s played on a split screen and the game ends when either player dies, the cop catches the robot or the robot makes it to the end of the level. The game was made as an entry to the Retro Platformer Jam, and we ended up getting 1st place in the “Technical” category.

The game was built using the Unity3D engine and written in C#. I worked with a friend on it and while he took up the role of artist and programmer, I mainly programmed. We implemented two different levels (an easy and a difficult one), chosen at random for the players. The game can also be played in single-player mode with the players as the cop trying to catch the robot.

Here’s some screenshots:

The game can be found on here.

I’ve provided a brief overview of the game on this page. However, if you would like to hear more of my thoughts about the game, you can read them in this blog post. You can check out the rest of my projects here.